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Fix the Fells or Gentrification?


More and more of our Lakeland is being subject to what is called 'Fixing the Fells.' Footpaths are being 'improved' through the costly dropping of bags of rocks by fuel hungry helicopters. The Fix the Fells organisation justifies its actions by stating: "The Fix the Fells teams work to repair and maintain our upland paths with funding from donations, partners and the Heritage Lottery Fund."
Quite what the impact is on the Climate Change issue of using helicopters to take rocks up to an already rock strewn landscape is unknown. There has been erosion of the mountains since the last Ice Age and the vast scree slopes in many vallies show erosion is part of the very nature of the Lakeland landscape.
A glimmer of hope for those who fear this 'gentrification of the fells'...the National Park stated in 2012: "For the past five years the Fix the Fells project has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund as well as donations from supporters and partners. But the Heritage Lottery funding ended in December 2011" But in 2017 the latest fad.....The ‘Save Scafell Pike’ project, submitted by conservation charity Nurture Lakeland in partnership with Fix the Fells wants to improve paths on Brown Tongue, Scafell.

Reaction from Friends of the Lake District: " Given the high use of many fells , Friends of the Lake District does support the work of Fix the Fells as we feel that it is very important to reduce erosion in the fells. Erosion scars are not only unsightly, they reduce the usability of routes and can have serious implications for nature conservation. Whilst it would be preferable not to have to intervene in the fells, given the level of use something has to be done to ensure that routes can be enjoyed and soils and the wider landscape are protected. I hope this has helped explain why work takes place. I accept that not everyone likes the look of paths once repaired. Friends of the Lake District feels that continuing erosion is the worst option and even if repair work does not look how everyone would like, it is better than doing nothing and watching the fells disintegrate under the pressure of use they receive. "

Bags of rocks dropped by helicopter onto the felltops

A new 'road' that seems to have been dug by someone on the slopes of Blencathra

And even the National Park chief is on the bandwagon ..".A greater diversity of visitors must be attracted to the Lake District according to the chief executive of the Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA).
" Report in Metro29/12/2019.



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