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Dramatic Day walk over Green Gable

This circular walk requires reasonable map reading skill and sensible wet weather gear and stout boots to ensure safety. Parking is relatively easy on the grass verges on the approaches to Seathwaite Farm.
The choice is then which way to "do" the circuit.Looking back to Borrowdale
I suggest the steep rocky scramble up the North valley side is the best direction as this can be a nasty short descent in slippery conditions. Please note on the right as you ascend there are some of the old spoil heaps from the plumbago (graphite mines) hidden amidst the thin woodland. Cresting the top you soon find the broad glacially carved out valley bottom known as Gillercombe. The footpath keeps to the left (southerly) side of this huge hollow. The head of the valley apears all enclosing but a steep path bears left up onto the upper fells.

This area of Gillercombe head can be confusing in mist, so pay attention. In clear weather it is a straightforward stroll up the shaley flanks of Green Gable. From the summit a dramtic view straight across to the craggy and starker bulk of Great Gable. There are views both down Ennerdale with its heavy forestry plantations and across to parts of Buttermere and Crummock.Styhead Tarn route to Langdale passes mid foreground
For our circuit take the well worn path that sets off straight for Great Gable and descend to the approriately named Wind Gap that marks the saddle between the two Gables. Here turn left and descend the scree shoots that make a clinical drop to the busy Sty Head route alongside StyHead Tarn.




Now all you have to do is turn left when you come upon the well worn route that has been a busy Lakeland pass for centuries back down to Seathwaite.

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