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Shawn was originally an apprentice stonemason at Carlisle Cathedral 1n 1983 with John Laing stonemasonry, he went on to attend stonemasonry and stone carving college at Weymouth excelling in both stonemasonry and architectural carving and sculpture.
Here is some of our nuts and bolts heritage work undertaken over the years, 6 of 30 major projects. We undertake structural works in stone including groundworks and foundations. We undertake lime mortar pointing including complete restoration or rebuild in stone and manage others accordingly. We are a qualified experienced multi-dimensional service, proud of our references and work record over the years.

Tel. 07472103113

Stonemasonry shaun williamson 1 The Watch Tower Princes Street, Edinburgh

Stonemasonry shaun williamson croft 2. Full croft house restoration, North Highlands.

Stonemasonry shaun williamson 3. Consultancy solutions Sinclair Castles.

Stonemasonry shaun williamson4. Structural works and under-pinning

Stonemasonry shaun williamson 5. St Johns Parish church, Chapel complete perimeter wall reinstatement using lime mortar.

Stonemasonry shaun williamson 6. Rebuilding croft houses North Highlands.


Phone: 07472103113