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National Park Authority says it's 'Not Appropriate' to Object....
Meanwhile we go....Into Eternity with Lakeland Nuke Dump

The custodians of the Lake District appear to wish to stay neutral over the plans for an underground nuclear dump for highly radioactive waste in the Western Lake District.

This is what is happening in Finland...and will happen in Cumbria soon....

Cost Estimate: June 2010 in the Commons..Charles Hendry stated:
NDA's total discounted lifetime cost estimate for the establishment of the geological disposal facility for higher activity wastes is £4.3 billion, of which NDA's share as shown in its Annual Report and Accounts is £3.7 billion with the remainder being funded by other waste producers. This investment will be incurred over a period of many decades and includes costs for research, design, construction, operation and final closure.

Website giving updates on the Lakeland underground nuclear dump plan.

The Gosforth farmhouse with sealed windows that was the site for the earlier Nirex proposals for nuclear caverns...the nuclear industry has retained ownership of the land in lower Wasdale ready for reuse?......Pictured in 2009

Find out all about the bribes to be paid to West Cumbria for being home to the underground dump.

More about Atomic Cumbria.

The official NDA website

October 2009: in responses to an LDNPA consultation excercise one comment was..."the LDNPA “no view” shows an arrogant disregard for the health and safety of people who live here and the 12 million visitors. The National Park should take a firm, strong moral stand. "

But LDNPA then responds...: Our response to your comments Proposed Action ? continue to work with partners on this issue and include a policy on “major developments” in the core strategy.
Detailed Report on what is likely to happen

How the Nirex story has been Buried

The body that 'volunteers' Cumbria for the dump

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