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The Alternative Sellafield Tour

In this green and pleasant Cumbrian landscape where Wasdale and Eskdale meet the sea there has grown up a vast nuclear complex-Sellafield.
It employs well over 7,000 people and was deliberately sited beyond the western Lakeland mountains because there was thought to be a slight chance it might be dangerous. In 1941 the Ministry of Supply bought land at Sellafield from the Batemans. Laings of Carlisle were hired and built the first ROF factory to produce TNT. Work started 1942 and completed 1943. ROF factories also built at Drigg and Hycemoor.
When Britain decided to develop itsown nuclear bomb, having been excluded by the USA, Sellafield was chosen for the plutonium producing reactors.
Decades later, the vast Sellafield site embraces: Britain's first two plutonium producing reactors (now being dismantled), the world's first four commercial nuclear reactors,(all these Calder Hall reactors now disused) a defunct AGR reactor, two nuclear fuel reprocessing plants (Thorp and B205 Magnox) , Britain's main plutonium stockpile, a MOX plant that has rarely worked to its specifications and acres of high and intermediate level nuclear waste stores. There is a high probability that industry plans will also excavate a deep underground dump for high level nuclear waste somewhere in the Western Lakes, close to Sellafield.
For a number of years Sellafield had a Visitor Centre that gave a pleasant upbeat view of how Sellafield sees the world.

May 2012 OVER the years some £16 million of taxpayers’ money has been lavished on a Sellafield visitor centre built to woo people to the nuclear site – and now it stands empty.

It was this Visitor Centre which prompted us to offer our own Alternative Tour of Sellafield. On your tour you can visit.........

The "Hot" Environment & Plans in 2009 to make it Hotter!



Top Secret


Details in Parliament on use of UK Civil power stations for weapons production.

Lakeland earmarked as most likely site
for UK's nuclear waste caverns

Audit Report on Sellafield 2012

In October 2009...The local media predicted:A POWER station with up to three nuclear reactors is likely to be built at Sellafield bringing jobs galore – upwards of 10,000 in construction, at least another 3,000 permanent jobs and extra employment in the community. A £70 million land deal, signed, sealed and delivered , paves the way for the jobs bonanza once the government has given final approval and building starts as planned in 2015 – sooner than first thought.

July 2013: Spain’s Iberdrola and France’s GDF Suez are looking at offloading a portion of their holdings in NuGen, which was set up in 2009 with the aim of building a nuclear power station in Cumbria, codenamed Moorside. The pair are reportedly talking to potential investors, with SNPTC, the Chinese state nuclear group, among those interested, the Financial Times reported. The Government has courted Chinese investment in the UK in recent months.

To find out more about Sellafield, the following web sites may be helpful.

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  • Cumbrian campaigning group CORE
  • web site for MAFF Fisheries Laboratories which studies Sellafield's sea pollution levels around our coasts
  • West Cumbria Site Stakeholder meetings

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