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Keswick Cycleway reopens

threlkeld tunnelThe The cycleway/walkway between Keswick and Threlkeld is reopened to the community.
Pictured the opened up tunnel part of the route..More info here.

Nuclear Dump under the Lakes moves step closer in 2020

Nuclear caverns the view in Finland

10/11/2020 Keswick and Whitehaven Tory MP backs dump planning

The granite under parts of Eskdale and Wasdale may end up hosting the UK's proposed underground nuclear dump(estimated cost so far £4.3 billion). Meanwhile the guardians of the Lakes, the National Park Authority says it's inappropriate to object...Lakestay disagrees and says it is much better to keep the waste above ground where it can be monitored. But huge community 'bribes' may cloud Cumbrians' judgement and Copeland and Allerdale councils have said they want to 'take the money'.....Read more on this important issue...or see the video

Mist Below...


Dramatic inversion below Red Pike caught in superb picture by @adrianstrand

Child Labour in Cumbrian Mines

Life was cheap as coal was hewn under the Irish Sea..Learn more at our web site

The Real Bluebird

Pic Mike Bull and the Bluebird Project
Find out about the restoration of Donald Campbell's K7, not to be confused with the K777 replica that has been controversially in the news.

The Roman Fort on
the mountaintops

Hardknott roman fort in its fantastic setting in the mountains

Truly magnificent setting for this Roman fort in the mountains...find out more at our Romans in Cumbria page.

Learn to Speak Cumbrian?

Find out what it means to be Gattered and the many other dialect Cumbrian words that hark back to the days when the Vikings were the main farmers in the Lakeland dales. Such words as Knock and knash, neb, mush and scran are just some of those explained on this Dialect Dictionary web site.

Foxhunting in the Lakes..

beagle pack

MPs brought an end to John Peel's sport in February 2005. Follow this link to find out more about the Lakeland hunting packs and to hear John Peel's song.

Breaking News October 2021:Both Copeland and Allerdale on western Lake District still run risk of being home to UK's underground nuclear dump..new consultation blah blah started.

The absurd £300 million pipeline through the Lakes

West Cumbria is now strategically totally dependent on Thirlmere for its future water supply security....because of a theoretic risk to freshwater mussels...find out more here.

Cumbria boast...to be first carbon-neutral county in the UK ?

The trendy belief in the Humans Cause Climate change theory has reached the Lake District. The so called 'climate emergency' is upending many aspects of our lives, including orders to scrap gas fired central heating and petrol drven cars.
Now the normally sensible Cumbria Wildlife Trust has joined the bandwagon and opposes the proposed Whitehaven coal mine. Protests have not fully explained how the nation would then rely on coking coal imports instead of coal from Whitehaven.

Lakestay says human caused climate change is a theory currently popular with many scientists. But there are a myriad of other factors causing climate change and it is useful to remember that in previous eons the planet had temperatures of 23 degrees celsius at the polar regions, yet life on earth thrived at these times. See background on the Holocene era. So perhaps the trendy Extinction Rebellion is a bit OTT !
And more from Scientific American.

Lakeland's Derelict Lido

grange lido 2020
A derelict Grade II listed coastal lido is to be refurbished and reopened to the public, but not as a swimming pool. Plans for Grange Lido in Cumbria to be turned into a "multi-use public space" have been agreed by South Lakeland District Council. Grange Town Council is also to support. The authority said it could be used for swimming in the future if a business case was made for a pool that could run without an ongoing public subsidy. The outdoor seaside salt-water bathing Lido opened in 1932 and was open and popular until closure in 1993. https://www.savegrangelido.co.uk/

Cumbria's Lord of the Runes

viking ring
Was this Cumbrian find the inspiration for J R Tolkien's epic tales?

*Cumbria's own 'Brunel'
Keswick Convention...what's it all about?
Saving the Lakes from an Army of Conifers
A Tale to amuse Jonathan Swift?
How they took the first elephants to Australia!
The quiet shores of the Solway
St Bega's Walk
Find out about the inter-Irish 'Murphy Riots'
Ennerdale, the quiet valley
Lakeland Breweries
Lakeland Gardens
Cockermouth after the Floods

Cold War Cumbria

vulcan bomber

Find out some of the ways Cumbria was embroiled in the Cold War...Read on

Borrowdale's Caveman millicn

The eccentric pioneering rock climber and Borrowdale caveman Millican Dalton...more .

trail hounds
Wasdale Shepherds Meet enjoyed late summer sun. Trail hounds race for the finish (Pic M.McKenzie) Meanwhile Cumbrian foxhunting packs wait to see if the new government rescind the Foxhunting Ban?

The Doomed Hamlets

Mardale before the flooding of  valley
This was the last sermon at the church before the reservoir flooded the valley. Read about another chapel lost forever.

Wildlife in your parish

Tullie House at Carlisle has this excellent web site which tells you which rare species live in every parish of Cumbria...

The Coniston postman always....

mist takes a picture of the wonder of the Lakes each day..join him at www.lakelandcam.co.uk