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Whitehaven is a Georgian planned town (one of Britain's first planned towns, with a grid iron pattern of streets). It boasts almost as many links with America as it does with the rest of England. Rich coal reserves were mined and transported to Ireland. This coal trade led in turn to ship building and a direct involvement in trade with the newly founded Colonies in what was to become the USA.

Three of the leading figures in the American War of Independence had connections with Whitehaven. These were George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and John Paul Jones. To learn more see our site Whitehaven's American ConnectionsWhitehaven brig

Marina details Reeds Nautical Almanac for 1999 states: Tides +0015 Dover. Shelter, very good, entry safe in most weathers. A new marina makes Whitehaven one of the more accessible ports of refuge in north west England. Channel in outer is dredged to 1m. above cd giving access approximately 18 out of 24 hours. Sea lock is 30m. by 13.7m. Sill is cd. Maintains 5.5m in inner harbour. VHF channel 12-16. To find out more look to the Harbour Commission web site

Tall ships in port for recent visits

Whitehaven's own web site

Accommodation Options

Read Guest House, Bed and breakfast, Cross Street, Whitehaven Tel. 01946 61515. Safe cycle storage, ideal for CtC
Tivoli guest house 156 Queen Street, Whitehaven Tel. 01946 67400.
Waverley Hotel, Tangier Street, Whitehaven Tel. 01946 692359.
Chase Hotel, Corkickle, Whitehaven, CUMBRIA, CA28 8AA, 01946 693656

Georgianhouse Hotel, 9 Church Street Tel 01946 696611
The Cottage, Mirehouse Road, Whitehaven Tel. 01946 695820
Whitehaven's Travel Inn (Part of the national chain) on A595 just north of WhitehavenCA28 6PL Tel. 0870 242 8000.
Glen Ard, Inkerman Terrace, Whitehaven Tel. 01946 692249
Moresby Hall, Moresby, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA28 6PJ Tel. 01946 696317

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  • Copeland Borough Council's web site
  • Local newspaper The Whitehaven News

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  • Whitehaven's part in Gulliver's Travels!
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