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Press, filming, and promotion, and investigation and analysis.

Shawn has always been involved in projects of investigation where he can use his expert knowledge of stone in context ancient stone civilisations. Shawn has been filming with Lost Relics of the Knight Templar with continued success. As a result of this, his book, Evidence of Knight Templar Tombstones, will be out soon. His travels in South America are also being documented. His current project involves investigating anomalous stone tombs with a special team in USA is under way, where his knowledge learned as sculptor to the Clan Sinclair will be useful here also. However, underpinning this is his important work with Dr Andrew Sinclair who he worked with as researcher.

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Stonemasonry shaun williamson 1 Filming at Kilmartin Church with Lost Relics of the Knight Templar with Hamilton and Carl.

Stonemasonry shaun williamson 2. Amongst the tombstones of the Western Isles, Scotland filming.

Stonemasonry shaun williamson 3. Cover shot of Shawen Williamson report on Evidence of Knight Templar tombstones (out soon from here) .

Stonemasonry shaun williamson 4. The lyre pictured above was sculpted in Elterwater slate from Burlington Quarries by Shawn Williamson and strung by Dr Andy Lamb of Oxford University’s medieval music department. It plays with deep, zither-like tones. It will be included in a book currently being written by sculptor Shawn in co-operation with historian and author Dr Andrew Sinclair. It is thought to be the only one in the world.

Stonemasonry shaun williamson 5. Cover design, of new novel Questus to be released soon.

6. Filming on Lake Windermere carving and sculpting boulders https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-cumbria-40092380
7. Unveiling in London of Shawn's work in 2021.


Phone: 07472103113