Shawn Williamson FRSA


Shawn Williamson had his first early stone sculpture commission including Mary and Babe at Lancaster Priory. Other big works are at Lancaster University campus, arranged through The Peter Scott Gallery. At St Martin’s College he was commissioned to sculpt St Martin and the Beggar.
In 1985 Shawn went to Ambleside to work for 85-year-old Josefina de Vasconcellos, a great sculptress with a legacy stretching back to Rodin through Antoine Bourdelle. Keen to learn from his new teacher, Shawn helped Josefina with her larger stone sculpture commissions, while beginning some of his own.

Fortitude Pic: Jim Davis

His work follows in the Romantic tradition inspired by Wordsworth, Coleridge and Byron, and he is also interested in William Blake.
Shawn is currently carving a 7-foot angel at Rydal Hall as a memorial to Josefina, who died in 2005 aged 100.
More of Shawn’s larger works can be seen in West Cumbria and other parts of the UK. Shawn is a member of the Artworkers Guild.
Shawn's Cumbrian novel Mauler ISBN 1904524370 (Hayloft Publishing) brings much of the substance of his work as a sculptor to life in the form of the written word.
In November 2009 Shawn started the search for a location for a dramatic carving...Read of the search.
New Projects 2009

In August 2008 Shawn was
appointed a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Shawn Williamson FRSA