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Statement to Cumbria County Council 15th. November 2018

Mr Paul Carr made the following statement to Cumbria County Council...
Good  morning Councillors .
I would like to bring to your attention the following.
Cumbria County Councillors are responsible for the fluoridation of West Cumbria's 168,000 population ( North,South & East Cumbria are not fluoridated) despite both Allerdale and Copeland Councils having resolved to be against this potentially harmful, dangerous practice it continues.
This is undemocratic and the process & system seems to be failing here. How can this be?
Only 10% of England is fluoridated. Not Wales, Scotland or N. Ireland.
97% of Europe and most of the rest of the world have either never started or have banned the practice of adding to the water supply fluoridation chemicals which are a by-product of industry and neither natural nor pharmaceutical grade and are not approved as a medicine.
The product used is a controlled poison more toxic than lead, slightly less toxic than arsenic, and is a pollutant which cannot go to landfill or be dumped at sea and is used in rat-killers and pesticides yet it can be put in our water supply and we drink it !
Is the addition of Hexafluoricsilicic Acid to the drinking water supply an appropriate, ethical method of medication for the population of West Cumbria without their informed consent?
These chemicals are being added to the water supply , not to make the water safe to drink , but to treat the tooth decay&disease of the whole population of West Cumbria "on mass " ! Babies, mums to be, the young, the elderly & infirm, those on other medications and even people with dentures!
The dose is uncontrolled as the amount in the water varies and everyone drinks different amounts of water daily. Flouride accumulates in the body.
I believe this to be unethical and that only our Doctor , not Councillors, should prescribe our medication based on our individual needs. It sets a very dangerous precedent. Would you all like me to prescribe for you? I doubt it!
It was reported in The West Cumberland Times on 14/9/2018 that NHS data showed that 1 in 3 five-year-olds in Cumbria inspected in the 2016/17 academic year had experienced tooth decay. The British Dental Association has called on authorities in England to follow the example of the devolved Scottish and Welsh authorities which are not fluoridated but have oral health initiatives Childsmile and Designed to Smile. Childsmile in Scotland is an internationally acclaimed scheme and oral health has never been better and in Wales children's oral health has experienced the most significant improvement since records began with levels of dental disease reducing across all social groups. Clearly fluoridation is not even part of the answer!!
I believe that Cumbria County Council could spend our money and the money to be spent on fluoridation equipment and chemicals at Williamsgate more wisely by ending fluoridation and initiating a county wide oral health program like Childsmile which works and also includes action on diet and sugar consumption instead.
Fluoridation clearly doesn't work and carries with it many potential harms such as dental&skeletal fluorosis which is a mottling of the teeth and a sign of over exposure to fluoride and acknowledged by all parties. In recognition of this the USA and Eire reduced their level to a maximum 0.7 ppm. Ours is double this at 1.5 ppm. The USA also issued warnings to mothers mixing baby formula with tap water and there is a poison warning on every tube of fluoridated toothpaste sold in the USA.
In the interests of the health,safety and wellbeing of West Cumbrians. I call on Cumbria County Council to instruct United Utilities to stop fluoridating our water with immediate effect and for the Council to replace it with a Childsmile type program which actually works and saves Scotland more than £5 million a year and Scottish children unnecessary treatment & extractions plus many hours of pain,sleepless nights and school down time.

I am hoping for your support in this.

At the Fluoride Free Cumbria Meeting, on August 7th 2018

The Implications of the New Zealand Ruling were Welcomed.
The NZ Supreme Court has ruled that fluoridation is mass medication and a breach of individual human rights. Fantastic news indeed.
This is a great development and an acknowledgment from a currently fluoridated country that adding fluoride is intended to affect health and therefore should be regulated and monitored as any other drug.Â
It was suggested that this information should go to all County Councillors. Some Cumbria Councillors are denying they have received any information about fluoride. If they are condoning this practise we should be keeping them updated on developments do they cannot claim ignorance about the current situation.Â
ACTION Paul to write to all re above.Â
Th Next meeting will be the AGM on Tuesday 6th November 2018 2pm Old Rescue Station< Brigham CA130XH

June 2018: Fluoridation is Mass Medication, New Zealand Supreme Court Rules
Water fluoridation is compulsory mass medication, in breach of human rights, the Supreme Court has ruled by a majority vote. It confirmed that fluoridation is a medical treatment as claimed by opponents for over 60 years. It is not a supplement just topping up natural levels, as claimed by the Ministry of Health.
The impracticality of avoiding fluoridated water makes it compulsory in practice, the majority also ruled.
Three judges held that there was conflicting scientific evidence, confirming that the science is NOT settled. Links to

From the end of February United Utilities will be holding public meetings throughout the area to update residents on the progress of the new West Cumbrian water pipeline project . These events will be an excellent opportunity for local people to question why our water supplier still colludes in adding Fluoride to our water supply despite well researched health concerns and individual objections to the use of medication in the water supply.
The pipeline work will culminate in the completion of the Williamsgate treatment works in 2022. From then on communities that currently source their water from Quarry Hill such as Wigton, Aspatria , Ireby, Bothel , Uldale , Mealsgate and others will start to receive increased levels of fluoride .
Most of West Cumbria currently sources water from Crummock and Ennerdale where it is fluoridated to an average of 1ppm. In 2001 the Government commissioned York Scientific review on fluoridation found levels of damage ,dental fluorosis, in 44 % of children receiving water at that level. Most countries do not fluoridate their water supply and only 10% of the UK is fluoridated. Eire and fluoridated areas of the US have reduced fluoride levels in water to 0.7 ppm to avoid dental damage.


Unprecedented Lawsuit Could End Water Fluoridation in US Based on Neurotoxicity Studies


Before the recent County Council elections Fluoride Free Cumbria asked each sitting Councillor ,many of whom were relected, if they supported or opposed water fluoridation. This is an important issue for many Cumbrians and as Councillors are party to the introduction of an inadequately researched chemical into Cumbrian water it should be a matter of concern to them. Sadly the response was very poor.
We have now approached the parliamentary candidates on the same issue. There has been a much better response and you will find those below.
Now the current County Councillors are in place we will resume our campaign to raise this issue at full Council for discussion and hope other Cumbrians will join us in insisting that the multiple health issues, cost and ethics should be openly discussed by all Councillors.

Thank you for your recent email regarding use of hexafluorosilic acid and fluoride in public water supplies

I am sorry that I don't have sufficient knowledge about this, but if I am re-elected on 8 June, I would be happy to meet up to discuss in more detail.
Sue Hayman, Labour . Workington.
> --------------------
I confess that I know nothing about this issue but I have an open mind on the subject and will read though the links you sent on. If elected, I'd me more that happy to meet with you to discuss further.

With kind regards Simon Fell ,Conservative, Barrow
I am against the fluoridation of drinking water as I believe it to be harmful to health. I also think it is a violation of our rights for them to do it without our consent.
I actually use a natural fluoride-free toothpaste too.

I am 100% with you on this issue.

Fiona Mills
UKIP PPC Carlisle

I personally use filters on my water supply as flouride is an issue due to eczema and allergies. If elected, I would be more than happy to learn more about the issue and campaign to have it removed from our water.

Loraine Birchall
Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Barrow and Furness
Thank you for your email. I looked at fluoridation a few months back, while researching Green Party policies. We're opposed to adding it to drinking water.
I have a couple of dentist friends who have anecdotal evidence that poorer children do see a benefit from the fluoride in water - when families have little or no money for toothpaste, toothbrushes and so forth, it's a last defence. That said, I agree with you and my party - we need to do more to help those children out of poverty - mass medication is not the answer.
I hope that helps, best wishes Doug Lawson, Green Party Penrith

To answer your email regarding what i see as tampering with our water supply by adding chemicals that are not essential for the safety of the supply.

I am fully opposed that anyone goverment or council can force mass introduction to the population of any substance through adding to the water supply.

It sets a very dangerous president moving forward and as you highlighted in the case of fluoridation has a number of longterm issues that must not be ignored.

Our water supply should be as chemical free and close to pure as possible and then allow the individuals to take the choice on medication they take into their bodies and the bodies of their children individually with all the facts provided.

So to sum up in 4 words "I am Against totally".

If elected as MP for Penrith and The Border i would stand in Westminster and call for a ban on mass medication via our water supply by the local authority's not just in Cumbria but across the UK.

You have my pledge to full support your campaign for a Fluoride Free Cumbria and a right to pure drinking water for us all.

I hope that has answered your question and my position on this important issue. I am happy to answer any further questions you or your members may have.

Jonathan Davies, independent

In Cumbria it is the Cumbria County Council who authorise and finance the medication of people in West Cumbria by introducing an inadequately researched and unregulated chemical ,hexafluorosilic acid, into their water supply.
The current cabinet support water fluoridation and the consequences of this could be an extension of water fluoridation to other areas of the County.
The recent elections presented Cumbrians with an opportunity to express their concerns to all candidates who are standing for election to the County Council.
The only political parties committed to removing water fluoridation are the Green Party and UKIP and their previously stated positions are outlined below . The Liberal Democrat position ,as outlined below, is now outdated as control passed to Local Authorities in 2013. However water fluoridation is heavily promoted by the Department of Health and Public Health England and it is yet to be seen if a local authority could remove water fluoridation in opposition to those two bodies.
IN Cumbria water fluoridation is supported by Lib Dem Councillor Ian Stewart who carries responsibility for public health in the County Council Cabinet.
Both Labour and Conservative governments have promoted, supported and financed water fluoridation.

Liberal Democrats " On water fluoridation, in general terms, Liberal Democrats believe that people and local communities should have the ability to make their own decisions as to whether or not they should take forms of medication, which 'according to the stated purpose'fluoridation would effectively constitute. Obviously, there is no such thing as absolute certainty when it comes to health safety – but in normal circumstances patients can weigh up the pros and cons of receiving potentially risky treatment and choose whether to undertake it. Mass fluoridation of water would leave people with no choice, and we believe that it should not be imposed by Whitehall diktat."

UK Independence Party "¦UKIP will legislate to ban the use of fluoride in water supplies, UKIP Policy Statement on Health, March 2010

Green Party " Dental health is a complex public health issue. The Green Party views fluoridation of drinking water as an undesirable and potentially dangerous knee jerk reaction to the issue rather than a seriously thought out solution. We are concerned that mass medication is unethical and breaches European guidelines.
The Green Party is opposed to the artificial mass fluoridation of drinking water. There is conflicting evidence on the benefits to dental health of this practice and major concerns on the cumulative negative wider health effects of total ingestion levels of fluoride.
While around only half of the population are currently accessing dental health services there is a clear need to make sure that everyone can access basic dental services free at the point of delivery.
Concerns remain about the effectiveness of mass fluoridation and potential side-effects."

With water fluoridation established in West Cumbria it could be extended to other areas of the County . This is your opportunity to voice your opposition to water fluoridation .
Please contact your County Council Candidates and enquire if they will support or reject medication through the water supply . Details of all candidates standing in Cumbria can be found by looking at the County Council website, election2017/candidates.asp

In May 2017 there will be County Council Elections throughout Cumbria. It is Cumbria County Council and Councillors who currently authorise and finance water fluoridation.
Currently fluoride is only added to drinking water in West Cumbria but as the Cabinet supports water fluoridation this could be introduced anywhere in Cumbria.
Please send and preferably adapt and personalise the following letter to your COUNTY COUNCILLOR and make it clear that their position on water fluoridation will influence how you vote in the May County elections.

Your County Councillor details will be easily found on just enter your postcode. If you don't want to send through that site just find the name and put a dot betweenthe first names and surnamei.e. ..stewart.young then
Please copy to your MP and . If we all make it clear to our Councillors that we do care about this issue then we may have a chance of seeing it finish in 2017...Please send any replies to as the Councillors
Position will be recorded on our website so other can see at a glance.

Dear Councillor, on 15th December last Cumbria County Council Cabinet decided not to review the issue of water fluoridation until the completion of the current Catfish research project in 2021.
They also declined to offer any advice about reducing potentially health damaging levels of fluoride to vulnerable members of the West Cumbrian community such as
Infants receiving high levels through milk formula made up with fluoridated water and people using high fluoride anti depressant medication.
They refused to consider following the lead of Eire,NZ and the USA ,the major fluoridating countries, in reducing the target level of fluoride in drinking water from 1mg/ml to 0.7mg/ml in order to avoid excessive intake and accumulation of fluoride .
They ignored Bedford Councils recent action in rejecting water fluoridation after their Health Scrutiny Committee advised the precautionary principle and safety should prevail.

I would like you to know that I consider all of the above to be a failure in public health responsibility and as you are my Councillor I would like to know your position on water fluoridation as it will influence how I vote in the May elections.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Insert here...Your Name and address.

Correspondence November 2016 with Allerdale Council:
Letter to Allerdale
Response Letter

Minutes of meeting 17/10/2016

For your information,Fluoride Free Cumbria presented the petition below to the County Council local committee for Allerdale on Thursday 8th. September at Cockermouth Town Hall. This was well received and considered timely by the Chairman,Eric Nicholson,who flagged up the new 300 million pipeline & water treatment works at Bridekirk. There may be design implications and considerable build and future operational cost savings and that now , before they start to build, is the time to address the issue so made an urgent referral to Cabinet.
Read and Sign the E Petition here......

July 2016: New video by Dr Griffin Cole.

Radio 4 Appeal - FRANK Water - @bbcradio4

June 2016: Major breakthrough as Wakefield Council rejects Fluoridation...

April 2016 Subject: Bedford (UK): Decision NOT to recommend resumption of fluoridation
On Tuesday, 12th April 2016, Bedford's Overview and Scrutiny Committee unanimously recommended that fluoride should NOT be added to Bedford's water. This followed a protracted debate over two exhausting years. Fluoride Free Bedford is to be congratulated for its tenacity and effectiveness.

A video record of the important decision can be viewed on

This is an unusual case since fluoridation ceased in 2009 due to technical problems. Legally, fluoridation can be resumed when new fluoridating equipment is installed. That has not happened. Although the Committee did not state that the cost of the fluoridation scheme was more than it could afford at this time, the year-on-year expense may have had something to do with their decision.
The unsatisfactory aspect of their decision is that they did not base their decision on the most important factors:
1. Complete waste of tax-payers' money since 96% of the acid goes down the drain and of the remaining 4% only a miniscule amount is drunk by disadvantaged children;
2. No acknowledgement of the role fluoride plays in the onset of hypothyroidism. In fact, one of the Councillors is on record (on the video) as saying that there is no good research supporting the anti-fluoridation case - or words to that effect;
3. No acknowledgement of the importance of having regard to individual choice;
4. No mention that there is no 'public' support for the resumption of fluoridation ('public' as opposed to dental professionals);
5. No mention of the statistically insignificant conclusions of PHE Bedford's Oral Health Survey of 5-year-olds and the 'impact of fluoride' which, as it turned out, was no impact at all! Instead, we are told by a Committee member that the evidence supporting fluoridation is out-dated;
6. No acknowledgement that tooth extractions are due to factors other than tooth decay;
etc, etc
We are told that Bedford Council will now have to consult Bedfordshire County Council and that the Sec. of State will eventually be involved in their decision. The issue could then go out to consultation and the public will be asked to respond within 3 months. We still have our work cut out for us!
If we are to succeed, we need to inject money into the campaign. Bedford's situation is pivotal in the fight against fluoridation. If we succeed, that would strengthen our position against future attempts to fluoridate. Donations to Bedford's fighting fund will be gratefully received by Fluoride Free Bedford. There is a DONATE button on the website:
I cannot stress too much the importance of financially supporting Fluoride Free Bedford at this time.

With best wishes

Joy Warren, BSc. (Hons) Env. Sci; Cert. Nutrition & Health
Co-ordinator, West Midlands Against Fluoridation and For Pure Clean Water. Co-ordinator, UK Alliance Opposed to Water Fluoridation

May 19, 2016
Two Big Victories

This week there were two major victories against fluoridation in the U.S. The first was in Newport, Oregon, where residents voted 64% to 36% to overwhelmingly reject the introduction of fluoride chemicals into the public drinking water. This vote was the first dealing with fluoridation in Oregon since Portland's landmark vote defeating fluoridation 61% to 39% in 2013.
The second victory was in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where members of the Water Utility Authority voted 4-2 to cut funding for fluoridation from their 2017 budget after hearing from residents who overwhelmingly opposed the practice.
Since ending the practice 5 years ago, the water utility authority has been under intense pressure from the fluoride-lobby to re-start the practice, since Albuquerque is one of the largest cities in the U.S. that is not fluoridated, along with Portland, Oregon. Despite lobbying from local dentists, the New Mexico Department of Health, and from Delta Dental, Albuquerque councilors concluded that it wasn't their role to force a medical treatment on their citizens using the water supply.

May 2016 Guardian reports on how a researcher was attacked for daring to publish his research.

April 2016 Mohawk valley does not consent to enforced fluoridation.We do not Consent...YouTube video

16/5/2016 New 26-minute video interview with FAN’s executive director, Michael Connett, JD, where we announce a new campaign we have launched to get the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to finally do what it should have done decades ago: ban the sale of fluoride “supplements,” which — by FDA’s own admission — are “unapproved new drugs” that have never been approved as safe and effective, and are thus unlawful to sell.

29/11/2015 New Blog launched by UK Alliance Opposed to Water Fluoridation.

Contact details as before. if you can help or offer donations please contact Colin or Jane Bell. E mail ... or
Posted Monday 12th September
The following report ( was submitted to the U.S. Environmental Justice Interagency Working Group (EJ IWG) on Sept 25, 2015.
This commentary was prepared by Neil Carman, PhD, Ellen Connett and Paul Connett, PhD with contributions from other members of the FLUORIDE ACTION NETWORK (FAN), including David Kennedy, DDS, Chris Neurath, John Graham (UK) and the following individuals and organizations support the sentiments and arguments presented in the Executive Summary and the supporting document: Fluoride Action Network
Worldwide Alliance to End Water Fluoridation Unifor Durham Regional Environment Council, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada Hilton Kelley, Executive Director, CIDA Inc., Port Arthur, Texas
David Kennedy, DDS Fluoride Information Officer for the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Paul Carr , Chairman, Fluoride Free Cumbria , England.On Friday

For those seeking unfluoridated Cumbrian water, Willow Water from near Cartmel, supply unfluoridated bottled water.
Posted Friday 17th September
Fluoride Free Cockermouth was launched in March 2015 We are encouraging local cafes and restaurants in Cockermouth to take the simple step of providing fluoride free water on request for drinks. Please ask for fluoride free water when purchasing drinks in the town.

CATFISH is a seven year, 1.5 million research project using West Cumbrian children to "discover how well water fluoridation works and how cost effective it is in the current climate of falling decay". Parental permission will be sought from the parents of children who will be five years old in 2014 for dental examinations at school. No parental permission is being sought about West Cumbrian children receiving fluoride in their water. This makes this study unethical. All parents should receive information about the health issues connected to water fluoridation. We have contacted all schools in the affected area- North and West Cumbria-asking that the following information be made available to all parents invited to participate. If you are asked to grant permission for dental examinations for your child and have not received this information from your school please contact us.
CATFISH STUDY information for parents This 6yr, £1.5 million pound research project will monitor West and North Cumbrian children to discover" how well water fluoridation works and how cost effective it is in the current climate of falling[tooth] decay". West Cumbrians have not been asked for permission for themselves or their children to be subject to compulsory fluoridation. Parents will be asked to grant permission for their children to participate in this study and should have information about the health issues associated with water fluoridation and outlined below before making that decision. * A woman's blood supply increases 50% when pregnant thus making it essential that she drinks lots of fluids. In fluoridated areas this will mean unknown amounts of fluoride, a neurotoxin, crossing the placenta to the unborn child. No safe limit for fluoride intake by pregnant women has been determined. Fluoride displaces iodine. Increased levels of Iodine deficiency in pregnant women, linked to increased pregnancy loss and infant mortality, are causing concern in the UK. * Of all age groups, infants are the most vulnerable to fluoride. Infants absorb up to 400% more fluoride [per pound of body weight] than adults consuming the same level of fluoride. Their undeveloped kidneys are unable to excrete fluoride as efficiently as adults. Adults can excrete 50% of the fluoride they ingest, babies only 15-20% leaving 80% of the fluoride they take in to accumulate in their bones, teeth and organs where it remains for life. The British Fluoridation Society and a Health Minister both suggest using bottled water when mixing baby formula to avoid dental fluorosis[ discolouration and pitting of the adult teeth attributed to excessive intake of fluoride]. * It is not only teeth that can be affected by fluoride exposure during infancy. A baby's blood brain barrier is not fully developed at birth and this allows fluoride, a neurotoxin, greater access to the brain than in later life. International research reports have identified that fluoride, approximating the 1mg per litre of water we receive in our tap water, reduces a child's intelligence. The level of fluoride added to West Cumbrian water is 30% higher than the maximum permitted level in the US and Ireland which is 0. 7mg/l. Most European countries have rejected water fluoridation and use toothpaste to successfully tackle decay. *The impact of fluoride on health has been well documented with both skeletal and dental fluorosis being consequences of excessive fluoride intake. Another concern relates to the displacement of iodide by fluoride in the thyroid gland. This can lead to hypothyroidism [ poor function of the thyroid]. Two of the many consequences of poor thyroid function, in children and adults, are fatigue and weight gain.