The County Council elections are fast approaching on the 4th May 2017.
In Cumbria it is the Cumbria County Council who authorise and finance the medication of people in West Cumbria by introducing an inadequately researched and unregulated chemical ,hexafluorosilic acid, into their water supply.
The current cabinet support water fluoridation and the consequences of this could be an extension of water fluoridation to other areas of the County.
These elections present Cumbrians with an opportunity to express their concerns to all candidates who are standing for election to the County Council.
The only political parties committed to removing water fluoridation are the Green Party and UKIP and their previously stated positions are outlined below . The Liberal Democrat position ,as outlined below, is now outdated as control passed to Local Authorities in 2013. However water fluoridation is heavily promoted by the Department of Health and Public Health England and it is yet to be seen if a local authority could remove water fluoridation in opposition to those two bodies.
IN Cumbria water fluoridation is supported by Lib Dem Councillor Ian Stewart who carries responsibility for public health in the County Council Cabinet.
Both Labour and Conservative governments have promoted, supported and financed water fluoridation.

Liberal Democrats " On water fluoridation, in general terms, Liberal Democrats believe that people and local communities should have the ability to make their own decisions as to whether or not they should take forms of medication, which 'according to the stated purpose'fluoridation would effectively constitute. Obviously, there is no such thing as absolute certainty when it comes to health safety – but in normal circumstances patients can weigh up the pros and cons of receiving potentially risky treatment and choose whether to undertake it. Mass fluoridation of water would leave people with no choice, and we believe that it should not be imposed by Whitehall diktat."

UK Independence Party "¦UKIP will legislate to ban the use of fluoride in water supplies, UKIP Policy Statement on Health, March 2010

Green Party " Dental health is a complex public health issue. The Green Party views fluoridation of drinking water as an undesirable and potentially dangerous knee jerk reaction to the issue rather than a seriously thought out solution. We are concerned that mass medication is unethical and breaches European guidelines.
The Green Party is opposed to the artificial mass fluoridation of drinking water. There is conflicting evidence on the benefits to dental health of this practice and major concerns on the cumulative negative wider health effects of total ingestion levels of fluoride.
While around only half of the population are currently accessing dental health services there is a clear need to make sure that everyone can access basic dental services free at the point of delivery.
Concerns remain about the effectiveness of mass fluoridation and potential side-effects."

With water fluoridation established in West Cumbria it could be extended to other areas of the County . This is your opportunity to voice your opposition to water fluoridation .
Please contact your County Council Candidates and enquire if they will support or reject medication through the water supply . Details of all candidates standing in Cumbria can be found by looking at the County Council website, election2017/candidates.asp

Currently fluoride is only added to drinking water in West Cumbria but as the Cabinet supports water fluoridation this could be introduced anywhere in Cumbria.
Please send and preferably adapt and personalise the following letter to your COUNTY COUNCILLOR and make it clear that their position on water fluoridation will influence how you vote in the May County elections.

Your County Councillor details will be easily found on just enter your postcode. If you don't want to send through that site just find the name and put a dot betweenthe first names and surnamei.e. ..stewart.young then
Please copy to your MP and . If we all make it clear to our Councillors that we do care about this issue then we may have a chance of seeing it finish in 2017...Please send any replies to as the Councillors
Position will be recorded on our website so other can see at a glance.

Dear Councillor, on 15th December last Cumbria County Council Cabinet decided not to review the issue of water fluoridation until the completion of the current Catfish research project in 2021.
They also declined to offer any advice about reducing potentially health damaging levels of fluoride to vulnerable members of the West Cumbrian community such as
Infants receiving high levels through milk formula made up with fluoridated water and people using high fluoride anti depressant medication.
They refused to consider following the lead of Eire,NZ and the USA ,the major fluoridating countries, in reducing the target level of fluoride in drinking water from 1mg/ml to 0.7mg/ml in order to avoid excessive intake and accumulation of fluoride .
They ignored Bedford Councils recent action in rejecting water fluoridation after their Health Scrutiny Committee advised the precautionary principle and safety should prevail.

I would like you to know that I consider all of the above to be a failure in public health responsibility and as you are my Councillor I would like to know your position on water fluoridation as it will influence how I vote in the May elections.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Insert here...Your Name and address.

We are a Cumbria wide organisation. As Cumbria County Council currently administrate water fluoridation in West Cumbria any area of the County could be considered for fluoridation.
We hold regular & frequent meetings. New members are very welcome . For details of meetings etc Tel:017687 76795 Paul Carr or email
We have a Facebook page and the Website is fluoridefreecumbria.
Alternatively Google search for FluorideFreeCumbria

We appreciate people have busy lives and can,t always make meetings so a weekly e mail newsletter is available with with updates and any appeals for help.

We have some members who attend an occasional CAR BOOT SALE in Cockermouth. They are always looking for items to sell and any offers of help would be appreciated.

One of the most important personal actions is to talk to your neighbours , family and friends about the use of fluoride in our drinking water and to contact Cumbria County Council.

Cumbria County Council currently have responsibility to implement water fluoridation in Cumbria .
Please write to your Councillor, Sample letter below but individual letters very welcome, and copy to your MP,
Stewart Young, Cumbria County Council leader
Diane Wood,Cumbria County Council CEO
Neil Hughes, chair of Cumbria County Council Health Scrutiny Committee
Sample Letter