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2022:Breaking news...Please sign up to this important petition.

We offer our questions and answers to the County Council meeting on November 24 2021.

Some exciting news !!
We have been lobbying , for what seems like an eternity , Cumbria CC to scrutinise the fluoridation of West Cumbria. On Friday 25th. June the Scrutiny Management Board elected a Chairman for a task and finish group to do exactly that !! Considering all the evidence, International,national and local.
The Chairman is: Stephen Haraldsen.The group will be established immediately and will be made up of Councillors who are not cabinet members.
Evidence collection will start as soon as the group is established and a report will be produced for the SMB meeting in November with a recommendation to cabinet in December 2021.
So it's all systems go to put our case and as a starting point I have attached Joy's Case Against Fluoridation for you all to read. This will be circulated to CCC as soon as the T&F group members are known to us.
Our time has come ladies and gentlemen to stand up and be counted.This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to stop the fluoridation of West Cumbria by preventing the process from starting at the new water treatment works at Williamsgate and I hope and expect that you will all be up for the fight.Public awareness events ,press involvement and demonstrations are all being prepared.
I will keep you posted on developments and let you know what actions we are proposing to highlight our campaign and inform the public. Let's get ready for thefray!!

West Cumbria has intermittently had artificial fluoride in the form of hexafluorosilic acid added to its water since 1968.


Take part in this important survey as fluoridation decisions are to be handed away from local authorities and moved to central government. REMEMBER to sign the back of the form, along with your house number and postcode, for verification purposes. Then send your completed survey to cumbrianhealthconcerns@gmail.com

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