Of course you can take the DIY route and save a shed load of money. Some of the typical costs that a wedding can involve are: Church £776. Buffet reception £3878/ Drinks £565/ wine £1,000/ cheese and biscuits £750/ hire of Groom and ushers suits £545/ bridesmaids shoes £178/photographer £990/Dress £1,000/invitations and stamps £90/flowers £450/ typical total £10,000.
If a marquee and outside catering is the dream setting then costs can soar. Just providing a marquee and temporary services sets you back around £8,000.

But please discuss this with close family to ensure the couple's parents will not feel slighted. Traditionally the bride's parents paid for the costs of a wedding, but increasingly the costs are being shared by both sets of parents. A plain Registrar office ceremony can be followed by a modestly priced reception or a Renewal of Vows ceremony in the open air, with friends and family taking numerous pictures to record the happy day. The only obligation for a simple civil wedding is you must provide two witnesses, who may be either friends or relatives. It is advisable that they should be over the age of 18, and are able to understand English as well as the significance of the ceremony they are witnessing. They will be asked to sign the marriage register or civil partnership schedule at the end of the ceremony. Other tips include: selecting flowers that are in season to cut down on florist costs; find a Mary Berry in your family who will relish the challenge of creating the wedding cake, perhaps with help from sugar craft outlets for the extras.: And although we all love the Lake District, honeymoon options can still be reasonably priced by package holidays to the Mediterranean.

Humanist weddings could also be considered….There is nothing to prevent couples shaking up tradition by the bride and groom greeting guests at start of the ceremony rather than waiting for the bride to be given away by her father. But clearly this would need checking with the father to avoid his feeling slighted.

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