Speeches are a worry for many of us. I find the most important elements are to be sincere..really mean what you say. Whatever you do, don't leave it to the last minute in the vain hope you can bluff your way through. Failing to prepare means prepare to fail. And if possible at each of the speeches inject elements of humour. And also try not let the speeches run too long.
First off is the Father of the bride. He must lead the room in creating the warm glow towards the happy couple. He must also remember to give thanks to all those who contributed to the big day. He should also concentrate his eloquence on telling us why he loves his daughter and hopefully why he trusts the groom with her future happiness.
Next to rise to his feet is the groom, who hopefully has limited his pre-speech drinking to ensure all goes smoothly. His greatest focus has to be on his bride and how they came to spark the magic of love.
Finally comes the Best Man. His speech continues the warmth towards the couple and evryone who supports them. But improtantly he has to bring out the humour and foibles of the groom. His speech marks the moment the event changes from the seriousness of the wedding to the celebratory highjinks of the party. The best man should say what the groom's like and use positive irony and humour to lighten up proceedings before toasting the happy couple.

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